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  • How Accent Modification can improve your customer service

    How Accent Modification can improve your customer service

    Most interactions in the workplace and classroom occur in English. Clear, intelligible speech is vital to establish credibility, professionalism and understanding.

  • Who can benefit from accent modification training?

    Most interactions in the workplace and classroom occur in English. Clear, intelligible speech is vital to establish credibility, professionalism and understanding.

  • An introduction to the Accent Labs e-learning course

    The Accent Labs course is an e-learning programme that is practical and outcomes based and enables learners to work at their own pace in their own time.

  • Accent Labs adds value to job readiness and skills development programmes

    Government agencies and NGO’s have been the primary users of the Accent Labs course.

The Accent Labs Accent Improvement* Course

The objective of the course is to help anyone who has learnt English as a second or third language to communicate in English with greater clarity, confidence and credibility than they ever have before.

The influence of your mother tongue will never be lost but you will be able to speak English in a way that is clearly understood. The course not only aids with intelligibility and pronunciation but also significantly improves the way that you interpret what you hear in English by building up your audio processing capability.

*  Accent Improvement is also referred to as Accent Reduction and Accent Neutralisation

The course is made up of four main sections – an introduction with a self evaluation questionnaire, then the Vowel Sounds section, covering the 23 English vowel sounds, followed by sections covering all the consonants and syllables, each with voice recordings giving examples in words and sentences, and there are 260 exercises and dialogues to complete in order to reinforce the lessons.

We offer a number of unique features…

Regular Reporting

The Accent Labs team issues detailed weekly statistical reports and colour coded scorecards charting each learner’s progress by exercise, plus there is an online tracking feature.

Record & Playback

Every page of the online course has a recording widget which allows you to record words, sentences or dialogue sequences from the course and play them back instantly or save them for future comparison.

Pre & Post Assessment

We also offer a custom feature which allows the trainer to record each learner’s voice using specific scripts at the beginning and end of the course, so that each learner’s progress can be tracked, but the final assessment needs to be done by qualified voice coaches or linguistic specialists.


The course can be customised to suit the language of the learners. If they speak Southern African languages for example, then the course can be adjusted to focus on the vowel sounds where the difficulties in pronunciation lie.

Access Labs Course Options


The course stands on its own as a complete learning experience that will yield very satisfactory results. Live video introductions can also be added via our academy platform.

Blended Training

E-elearning will always be more impactful if live interventions are added. Please contact us for more information on how our fully qualified voice coaches can add value to our e-learning course.

The Accent Check Assessment Tool

Accent Check is a brand new online tool for assessing a candidate’s English accent, clarity of speech and audio processing capability, the objective being to rate the candidate’s potential for employment.

More than 5000 young South Africans have completed the Accent Labs Course. This is what some of our students felt about the course…

Who we are

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Fully mobile friendly with unique recording features

The course can be accessed easily and very legibly via the browser on any electronic device. Plus every page of the course now features a recording widget that allows students to record and play back their own voices, plus there is a new assessment feature, which allows the trainer to record the students’ voices with a special script at the beginning and the end of the course, and to assess their progress.