Paladin Consulting now represents Accent Labs

Accent Labs has appointed Paladin Consulting as the primary sales representatives and resellers for Accent Labs’ e-learning course and face-to-face coaching and training services. Paladin Consulting is an established performance-focused learning and development consultancy servicing the South African market, with particular focus on the call centre and customer service industry.

Paladin offers a suite of e-learning products aimed at addressing the fundamentals of literacy, auditory processing, and intelligible communication. The courses include the Programmed English Reading and Language System (PERLS) and the Accent Labs English Accent Neutralization (EAN) Course.

Coral-Lee Albertse, Paladin’s Sales Manager, will be spearheading their marketing efforts. Coral Lee comments “In our experience in business consulting, since 2002, we have found that listening skills (auditory processing), communication skills (intelligible speech) and literacy skills all have a direct impact on an individual’s ability to successfully perform in the workplace. At Paladin, we believe in the need to equip individuals with the tools to succeed, beginning with addressing the most basic components of learning – listening and literacy skills.”

Contact her on 083-530-4300 or To see their brochures on the courses go to Paladin’s web site.

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