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Accent Labs adds value to job readiness and skills development programmes

Government agencies and NGO’s have been the primary users of the Accent Labs course.

The Accent Labs course has been developed as a strongly motivational and accessible online course in partnership with one of South Africa’s most successful job accelerators, who put 5,000 of their young learners through the course as an integral part of their contact centre training programme.

Participation in a number of subsequent government agency projects has taught us that a blended approach is by far the most productive, with a preferential time period of between one to two months. Experience has shown that it is very effective to let learners do the online course in their own time using smart phones and to provide live support via online video. Research feedback has shown that the course is perceived as strongly aspirational, motivational and fun to do if a blended approach is taken.

The in-house training academy of a prominent international outsourcer is now using the course as part of their job readiness drive and another is using the course to improve the accents of their whole agent team in order to better handle the customers of a large USA client. Accent Labs will also be built into the latest skills facilitation drives in Gauteng and the Western Cape, as part of the national drive to create more jobs for young people in the contact centre industry.

If you are an NGO or a training company and are planning a job readiness or skills development programme that is designed to uplift young talent, and you would like to include the Accent Labs course as one of the training components in the project then please contact us. As the current budget limitations are likely to stay with us through the 2020’s our approach is to be as flexible as possible and to see how best we can fit your budget needs.